Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ted bakes up some goodies for Spring/Summer 12/13.

Walking up to the iconic Woolshed Pub in Melbourne's Docklands was made even better last night when we were greeted by two amazing new Mini Cooper's and a photographer who was begging to take our photo's inside them. As I jumped into the luxurious car I began to hear the crowd inside, and feel a sense of amazing energy. The picture was taken and as I walked up the stairs my senses started to tingle. It was clear that the champagne was flowing, the heaters were warming and everyone was ready to see just what Ted Baker had come up with for the upcoming Spring/Summer season ahead.

I walked into the elegantly decorated venue to find the fashionistas whom were everywhere, photographers whom were snapping up the fabulous fashions and waiters whose trays where filled with sweet bubbles. I was enticed over to a stand by the aroma's that were coming from it. Event partners MOR cosmetics had set up a stand filled with there new products and before long I found myself rubbing my hands in a Lychee hand wash that I would recommend to anyone. It wasn't long before the fashionable few took there seats and Millinery genius Richard Nylon took to the stage, in a fabulous purple suede blazer by Ted, to welcome all in attendance, and draw there attention to the runway, which by now was only seconds away.

A behind-the-scenes video of Ted Baker's newest fashion shoot came on screen and as it concluded the music started to pump, the crowd, who were filled with excitement, braced themselves, and in an instant an array of floral patterns, stunning gowns, beautifully tailored suits, and pastel coloured garments toped off with Richard Nylon's hats began to flow down the runway. As model after model from Melbourne's GIANT Management walked down the runway it was clear to see just why Ted Baker is such an influential designer globally.

Check out some of the snaps I took, below, and if you haven't yet be sure to check out either Ted's Little Collins St or Chadstone stores, I am sure you will find just what you are looking for!

 GIANT Models backstage pre-show.

 One of the GIANT Models during the runway.

One of the GIANT Models during the runway.

 One of the GIANT Models during the runway.

Famed chef Guy Grossi with two of the GIANT Models during the runway. 

 Myself, dressed by Ted Baker!

 Musician Adam Hynes, myself & London Management model Dan Harris

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